REBORN Feminine Mask 私密粉嫩 T 膜 (35ml)


Reborn Feminine Mask using only 100% natural herbal extract ingredients, safe to use for your delicate area.

6 Main Benefits:
❤️ Prevent bacterial infections
🧡 Eliminates Odour
💛 Balance Skin Tone
💚 Moisturizing
💙 Eliminates Dryness
💜 Enhance Elasticity & Sensitivity

How to use?
Step 1: Rinse and wash intimate area with warm water and pat dry.
Step 2: Open REBORN Feminine Mask.
Step 3: Place mask on lower abdomen, also known as T-Zone. Smooth feminine mask to fit skin.
Step 4: Remove mask after 15 – 20 mins and gently massage in the excess serum.

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