Sapphire Cooling Hair Removal Machine

TWO Treatments at ONE Go

The Sapphire Cooling Hair Removal Machine has a skin rejuvenating mode that uses light therapy to target signs of aging, smoothen fine lines, boost skin’s radiance and stimulate collagen production.

RM 649.50



Device- 2

Say GOODBYE to traditional methods

• Cooling Effect
• Sapphire Advanced Technology
• E-Light Technology

How To Use

1. Prep your skin for your IPL treatment by shaving the treatment area.

2. Plug the device to a charging outlet.

3. Hold the ‘Power’ button to turn on the device.

4. Select your mode and energy setting. *Recommended to start with the first level for initial use.

5. Wear goggles to protect your eyes. *Do not face the device directly to the eyes.

6. Press ‘Flash’ button or set it to ‘Automatic’ mode to send pulses to the treatment area. *Place Sapphire Advanced Window onto the skin to ensure adequate skin contact.


Treatment areas :

• Underarms

• Hands

• Legs

• Face

• Upper Lip

• Bikini line