Intimate Anti Aging Set


A moisturizing and anti-aging solution with cell revitalisation nutrients for firming and vaginal tightening.

Key Benefits

• Keeps vagina young & rejuvenated

• Firms & tightens the vagina naturally

• Promotes vaginal lubrication

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Firming Gel
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Use it on a daily to moisturize our intimate area. For Moms-to-be, using it for perineal massages helps to recover skin tissues.

How To Use

1. After taking a bath, pump a pea-sized amount of REBORN Firming Gel.

2. Apply evenly around the vulva.

3. Massage gently until completely absorbed.

4. Reapply & massage for 3 minutes to get an immediate tightening and hydrating effect.


Key Ingredients :

• Stem Cell

• Arginine

• Manjakani Extract

• Aqua

• Sirih

• Glycerin

• Allantoin

• Gambir