Reborn Feminine Wash Travel Size (30ml)


Gentle cleansing gel designed exclusively to take care your intimate area’s hygiene, moisturizing and refreshing.

Key Benefits

• Maintains a healthy balance of vaginal bacteria

• Reduces odor, bacterial growth & retains moisture

• Brightens skin tone

RM 49.00



Wash 01

Gentle cleanses and freshens up for daily hygiene. Helps to maintain the delicate balance of your intimate area.

How To Use

1. Moisten the intimate area with water.

2. Apply a thumb-sized amount of Mini Feminine Wash onto palm.

3. Gently apply to the vulva and leave it on for 10-15 seconds.

4. Rinse thoroughly with water.


Key Ingredients

• Cranberry Extract

• Lactobacillus

• Aloe Vera Extract

• Manjakani Extract

• Kacip Fatimah

• Sirih

• Allantoin

• Vitamin E